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So what’s this responsive stuff we keep hearing about? It's basically a single website that adjusts to fit any screen size. The use of responsive CSS means that we only use one template and change its properties at various screen resolutions. Basically your website will look good on any device.

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Over the past 12 years I have designed and built or been part of well over one hundred websites now and here's a few of my latest designs. As we enter the age of simplicity clean modern design now takes hold

Web Development


HTML5 offers us more clearly structured web code making it more accessible to reading devices. That's just the start and combined with CSS3 we have some great new features that allow for much cleaner coding without all the clutter of display images and full on div abuse. I start all my projects now with HTML5 and CSS3 using LESS and responsive media queries.


Now you have your website, what if you want to change the text or add new images etc? I will provide you with an admin where you can log in and manage your website. Either change the text, add new images, new pages, new galleries new products or whatever is needed for the running of your site. I also have experience using Wordpress as a blog or as a Content Management System


Want to sell your products online? I have experience in building customised online stores using Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and Shopify You will get a custom designed online store ready to add a payment gateway of your choice, and an admin are where you can add and manage your products, set prices and delivery options and much more.


SEO starts with a well structured website with accessibility in mind which not only make more accessible to users, but also to search engines such as Google. I build well structured sites formatted using organised H1, H2, H3, alt, and title tags etc. all being the foundation for a search engine friendly website. I have experience in keyword research, directory linking, XML site maps and Google Webmaster tools.

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